Pumpkin Fever

Pumpkins are growing in our field of hope. I am getting excited and looking for new ones everyday. Each day I find a new green or yellow one. We planted several varieties and several varieties of gourds too. The pumpkins have yellow flowers and the some gourds have a white flower, others have yellow. The pumpkin plants and the whole process amaze me. Each plant has a male and female flower. The female opens only one day and depending on the weather only stays open a certain time. The pumpkin plant sometimes kills off a pumpkin that is weak so the stronger one can grow. Survival of the fittest, lol.
This evening I sat on the back of my SUV parked out beside the pumpkin field, listening to the crickets and the birds as they found their way to their nest to rest for the night. It was a calming visit and gave me time to sit, look around and keep my mind blank for a few minutes. The time was heavenly. Listening to the sky as it fell from evening to dusk, and all of God’s creatures humming along.










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