First Day of Spring… Equinox

Winter weather this year has been plentiful, and we are ready to see it leave. Here in the southeast we have had power outages from trees and limbs unused to the weight of the ice and snow. Are we are expecting another winter storm? Forecasts say yes.
As a photographer I have enjoyed our winter season. There are so many subjects to photograph that we haven’t had in years past, or since I’ve been alive. Below zero temperatures. I remember when I was young we used to have big snowfalls, enough to carve a tunnel through. Course I was a lot smaller 🙂
I am a spring, summer, fall type of person. I enjoy the occasional snow fall, snowball fight or fort, however, it’s time for you to go Old Man Winter. Bring on the tulip bulbs and birds chirping. Let’s look back at what we had a few days ago and then we can look forward! #oldmanwinter #firstdayofspring #ice #springequinox





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