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Occupation: Freelance Photographer

Wendy Quinn Hutchens is a native of North Carolina. She attended Randolph Community College and graduated with a Associates Degree in Applied Science in Photographic Technology: Biocommunications. Wendy is currently a resident of Thomasville, North Carolina. Her works have been published in Our State Magazine,The High Point Enterprise, The Thomasville Times, and she has also done some photography work for Autism Speaks. Currently, she has started her own business and is also working with some of her fellow photographers here in the Triad on numerous projects. Wendy’s personal projects range from macro pieces, architecture and landscapes, to a modern journalistic approach to documentary photography.

“I love being a photographer!  I have always enjoyed looking through the lens.  When I was younger, I dreamed of being a photographer. Now that I have made my dream come true, I love my job. There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like all kinds of genres of music. Hobbies include: singing, creative writing (poetry, stories, songs, etc.), being in the wilderness, reading, swimming, rock climbing, laughing, hugs, kisses, chocolate, hiking and LIFE.– Wendy Quinn Hutchens


Education is important to me.  I believe we are all students and should remain so.  Always leave room for knowledge.
Asheboro, NC
August 2009
Major: A. A. S. degree with a concentration in Biocommunications Photography

Chapel Hill, NC
Graduated: Certificate
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Other
Major: Intraoral Radiography

Davidson County Community College – 1992

Lexington, NC
Graduated: Credits
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Other
Major: Photography

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    1. I have two personal favorites, Canon 40D and Nikon D300. Canon Rebel XS as a backup. I prefer Canon. I use the Nikon at work. How about you? Which ones do you use and prefer?

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