Lion at the Door

Before I could even open the door I heard the howling that shook the house and swayed the trees to and fro like twigs. Such a windy day outside, looks like March isn’t going out like a lamb.

Even with the wind, I couldn’t help but venture outside for an afternoon walk with my beautiful Sister and one of my best buddies, my Australian. Winter and I don’t mix well, like oil and vinegar. I come alive in the spring and while walking the wind helped me to shake off the winter blues. I want to be more active and what a great day to start a new goal. Love the blooming flowers, trees and shrubs, such a sweet, sweet smell and we all had a fabulous time 🙂





Road trip

Today I celebrate 21 years of marriage with the love of my life. We are heading out for places unknown and I’m sure this will be an amazing day! We love to explore, we head down dirt roads, one time not knowing if we would make it to the end, those are the best! So excited to get started and I hope your day, everyday is fantastic!