Harvest 2013


This is one of my favorite times of the year, when The Lord blesses our crops and we start to harvest. I love going out to my garden, rolling up the bottom of my shirt and filling it full with all kinds of vegetables. I planted late and most of the things I started in my greenhouse (that my loving husband made for me for our 20th anniversary, love you hun) so I am now just starting to get rewards. Happy Harvesting to you all ūüôā
May the Lord bless your lives and harvest thoughout the year.

The Stamen Buzz

It began early this morning, the sound drawing near, as I stood looking at the male flowers opening in the sweet, morning light. Surrounding me, I did not know where the sound was coming from, however I knew what was making the sound.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

All of a sudden I saw the bees, they were bathed in an orange-yellow substance, almost the color of hornets. They were black bumble bees, covered in the pollen from the male flowers from our pumpkin patch. I immediately went to the house to grab my tripod and camera, knowing I would be later than usual for work but truly amazed and delighted at the opportunity before me.


Again and again the bumble bees took turns going from one flower to the next as if they were swimming in a golden orange pool, dipping and circling around the center of the flower, the stamen. (The stamen is the rod-shaped, pollen-producing part of the flower that protrudes  from the center. On a male pumpkin flower, however, what appears to be only one  stamen is actually more than one stamen fused together.) It was such a beautiful sight to behold, the bees covered in the pollen, going from one flower to the next, rubbing against the inside, buzzing.

Buzz, buzz,¬†buzz…¬†ūüôā