Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Wishing I was back in #OBX watching the sunset over the sound.  #OuterBanks #NC

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Osprey Mates 


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 Osprey mates 💙 of the Outer Banks, NC. 

Ospreys usually mate for life and are sometimes known as #fisheagle #seahawk #riverhawk #fishhawk The osprey is a #diurnalraptor (active in the daytime) #birdofprey #largeraptor #talons 

• •I am so fascinated by these birds! • •
The osprey migrates to South America to winter as a non-breeding migrant and returns home, normally to the place it grows up, to reconcile with his mate and start the cycle all over again. #hunting #catchingprey #coastalbrackishwaters The male remakes his nest in order to impress his mate and to be in her favor. My son and I watched a documentary on birds nesting habitats, how they make them and I was so excited when the documentary covered Ospreys. What fascinating birds they are and who doesn’t love a bird of prey who mates for life! 😉 

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Down at the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar

We didn’t eat at the Sunset Grille & Raw Bar in Duck, NC on our recent visit to the Outer Banks, so I cannot make a suggestion. However, we drove past and the atmosphere outside caught my attention immediately. Such a beautiful deck with lights strung up, torches lit, the reflection was mirrored in the still darkness of the sea. Let me know if you’ve been here and give me your review. 😉

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Sunset & Crane Silhouette 


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Absolutely beautiful sunset & crane silhouette I had to work for on Saturday, March 12th, 2016. This crane was camera shy and thankfully I had on my #Boss rubber boots to keep following him through the marsh. Glad he finally decided to ignore me and enjoy the gorgeous sky.   

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Bodie Island Lighthouse 

Pronounced ‘Body’ the Bodie Island Lighthouse is definitely an amazing treasure you should make time to visit while on the Outer Banks, NC. 

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“In 1837, an expedition commissioned by the US government and led by Lieutenant Napoleon L. Coste began to find a spot for a new lighthouse on the dangerous Outer Banks. Coste finally settled on an Oceanside location in Pea Island, noting that “more vessels are lost there than on any other part of our coast.” More facts and information can be found at: Outer Banks – Bodie Island Lighthouse

United States Coast Guard Rescue

Saturday, March 14, 2015:

My husband Lance of 22 years of marriage just said “Everyone always worries about Friday the 13th, well let me tell you about Saturday, the 14th.

Truer words have yet to be spoken. We have had an unexpected yet pleasant adventure on our 22nd anniversary trip to the OBX, one we will never forget for many years to come.


Ocracoke-Cedar Island 4pm Ferry ‘Barry Silverlake’ had mechanical issues due to no hydraulics in the steering, having to run aground one mile south of Ocracoke on a sand bar and then drop anchor.

Petty Officer D. Weydert says USCG received the call around 5 pm Saturday.

Among the 14 passengers on board there was a female dog named ‘Annabelle,’ which were all safety evacuated by the United States Coast Guard around 10 pm and made arrangements overnight courtesy of the NCDOT.

Once again, my husband says, “We should call it ‘Operation Annabelle Extraction.'”



Above are also three photos courtesy of Kelly Chambers featuring ‘Annabelle.’ Kelly’s Mom Peggy Dickerson, Annabelle and her sister Dot Ehlers ferried in Saturday to celebrate her birthday, now stuck on the island with no way to return home and without clothing, necessities to wait out the day.

With help from a local tug boat crew, the crew of “Silverlake’ plan to get the ferry and all of the vehicles back to Ocracoke Island sometime Sunday.


YouTube video of USCG Rescue